Our mission is to do what the Lord has called us to do. God assigns us to serve His people and to make them His disciples, and He assigns some of them to help us fulfill this apostolic mission while we teach them to pray and hear Him specifically about their prophetic destiny.

People in any nation or city can help us build this prayer movement. Whoever you are, wherever you are you may contact us any time.

Help us build the Father’s House in person, via the internet, tele-conferences, our Mon.-Fri. “Spirit University” sessions and/or our new Family Forerunner e-Fellowship Ning network. It’s a great way to get connected to a thriving body of believers!


“Why is ‘Spirit U’ right for you?”

As always, Worldhops only builds what the Lord prophetically shows us to build. Spirit University will align you with the perfect will of God. Here is some of the prophetic blueprint the Lord has given us to date. Wherever you are we can train you in person, via live video internet streaming or tele-conference each night.

Prophetic Blueprint for SpiritU! (10-22-12)

As I communed with the Lord about ‘Spirit U’ He said…

“You do not need a college degree to get where you are going. If My Spirit leads you to commit 4 years of your life to a cause, pursue it diligently. However, this is your starting place. In My presence you will know the perfect will of God for you and your little ones. Take the time to get to know Me for yourself.”

“Make sure people know they are safe here. Tell them they can come as they are. I will clean them as we go. Do you have sin in your life? I have more grace. Fellowship with Me, is the key to getting cleaned. I will not put a heavy burden on you. Just be gentle with others, and relax as I scrub.”

“Lead My people out of the mainstream churches who are not leading My people to Me. People in “My house” agree with this mandate. Who wants to seek the Lord? Come one come all. This is the bread basket authority. We are fishing with a mission. To know and do all the will of God.”


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